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About Us

Founded in Houston, Texas, Alternate Solar is dedicated to delivering sustainable clean energy solutions to the Texas oil and gas industry. Our mission is to harness solar power in super capacitors, offering carbon-free energy solutions. With innovative light towers and security systems, we serve clients across the US, Canada, and Latin America.

Setting a precedent, Alternate Solar pioneers the use of Graphene-based super capacitor energy storage modules, surpassing conventional chemical batteries. Our solar charge controller software optimizes super capacitors for maximum energy utilization. Committed to engineering solutions with zero environmental impact, we empower customers to adopt a ZERO carbon strategy.

In today's world, it's imperative to transition from non-sustainable energy sources to solar and super capacitor technology. Alternate Solar leads this charge, promoting eco-friendly practices while meeting energy demands efficiently.


  • Mobile light tower

  • Temporary lights

  • Super Capacitor Lights

  • Graphene Super Capacitor lights

  • Light trailer

  • Mobile LED lights

  • Mobile security tower

  • Security CCTV tower

  • PTZ camera tower

  • Mobile PTZ camera

  • Mobile security

  • Security alert mobile tower

  • CCTV camera cart

  • CCTV trailer

  • Remote area lights

  • Mobile Radar

  • Mobile traffic sign

  • Traffic control LED lights

  • Traffic control mobile monitor

  • Traffic control mobile trailer

  • Emergency lights

  • Construction lights

  • Battery operated lights

  • Solar Lights mobile

  • Portable tower lights

  • Portable LED lights

  • Oil Field light

  • Event management lights

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