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Our Technology

Alternate Solar technology stores energy electrostatically whereas conventional batteries store the energy electrochemically. 

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We Use Graphene Solid State Super Capacitors

  • High power density (weight to power ratio)

  • Small Box to hold 6kWh

  • Fast charging – less than 10min to full charge

  • 99% Efficiency (100W input >> 99Woutput)

Alternate Solar Technology

Super Capacitor Energy Storage

We lead as the first to introduce super capacitors in light towers, eliminating the need for chemical batteries. Our technology boasts an extended lifespan, surpassing 50,000 cycles of charge and discharge, equating to over 20 years of reliable service. Rigorously tested on-site, our systems efficiently provide 12 hours of light power with just three hours of solar charge. Offering an environmentally friendly power solution, our systems function as versatile power plants, capable of powering lights, CCTV, traffic signs, and security systems. With automated functionality, our light towers are tailored for oil fields and construction sites, requiring no human intervention for operation.


  • 100% depth of discharge

  • Ambient Op. Temperature -30 to 850C

  • 1M Cycles (at Cell Level)

  • fast charging rates

  • no risk of thermal runaway

  • no energy produced during cycling

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Advantages of Super Capacitor Energy Storage

Supercapacitors (SCs) are energy storage devices that bridge the gap between batteries and conventional capacitors.

Normal Batteries vs. Super Capacitors

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SLT400 Super Cap Endurance Test - 15 Hours

SLT400 Super Cap Endurance Test - 15 Hours

​​Endurance Test Results of a Solar Light Tower under a 400W Load Over 5 Hours, starting at 99% Capacity:

  • Test started with 99% capacity

  • Lights on at 7:00 PM 

  • Lights off at 11:00 AM

  • Test closed with 17% capacity

  • Super Cap recharged to 100% next day with 5 hours of sunlight

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Breakdown of time and charge:

Alternate solar Charge time
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